RTK Network

How it works

RTK is a highly precise technique that results in one inch pass-to-pass and year-to-year accuracy. RTK GPS requires two specialized GPS receivers and two radios. One GPS receiver is set up as a base station within a 6 mile (9.6 km) radius of the field you are working so it can send the correction message to the roving receiver. Both receivers collect extra data from the GPS satellites known as L2 Band, that enables this better precision.

For more in-depth information on how RTK works visit our FAQ section.

Diagram of how RTK works

Coverage Areas

Our RTK correction signal is available in Northwest Iowa. If you are outside the coverage area and are not sure if you are covered please contact us.

Getting Started

With a Trimble GPS steering system and a subscription to our RTK network you can count on +/- 1 inch accuracy from year-to-year. For improved performance, productivity, guidance, and economic savings please contact us to find out how you can get started.

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