AgGPS EZ-Steer Assisted Steering System FAQ's

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What is the AgGPS EZ-Steer system?

The Trimble® AgGPS® EZ-Steer™ assisted steering system is an affordable assisted steering upgrade for the AgGPS EZ-Guide® Plus lightbar guidance system. The system consists of a steering controller and an electric motor with a foam wheel which attaches to the vehicle steering column, and turns the steering wheel to keep the vehicle on line as a driver would.

What vehicles can the EZ-Steer system be installed on?

The EZ-Steer system can be installed on any Trimble approved agricultural vehicle with power steering. This includes tractors, articulated tractors, sprayers, spreader trucks, and combines. Contact us to see if your vehicle is approved for use with the EZ-Steer system.

Why use the EZ-Steer system?

The EZ-Steer system reduces the stress of manually keeping the vehicle on line, which results in better accuracy. The driver has more time to monitor implements, spray booms or other controllers in the cab or even check for blocked nozzles and that the correct material is being applied at the correct rate.

How is the EZ-Steer system different from the Autopilot system?

The EZ-Steer system is an assisted steering upgrade for the EZ-Guide Plus lightbar guidance system. It uses an electric motor to turn the steering wheel and it mounts on the steering column of the agricultural vehicle. The electric motor turns the wheel to keep the farm vehicle on-line as determined by the EZ-Guide Plus lightbar.

In contrast, the AgGPS Autopilot™ system is a fully featured automated steering system which interfaces to the hydraulic system of the vehicle. It uses a 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) for tilt compensation and steering angle sensors to provide very accurate vehicle control.

The AgGPS Autopilot system is ideal for row crop planting on any terrain, while the EZ-Steer system is more suited to spreading and spraying applications on broadacre crops where extremely accurate positions are not required.

Will the EZ-Steer system void my vehicle warranty?

The EZ-Steer system does not void your vehicle warranty. You can remove the EZ-Steer system from a vehicle in a few minutes and never know it was fitted.

What is the intallation time for the EZ-Steer system?

The EZ-Steer system can typically be installed into most vehicles in less than 30 minutes.

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